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Rail System

Use our rail system to provide storage to one or more walls in your garage.

Each rail is fixed to the wall and then storage accessories are clipped on.  Very easy to install and looks good.

Add in hooks, shelving, baskets and more to create your ideal garage space.

New Rail Brochure

Our new rail storage brochure is now available to download for free.  Click here to get your copy and complete rail storage inspiration!

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Rail System: Services
How to get it installed in your garage

We would be delighted to discuss how you can get our Rail Storage System installed in your gargae.  We have two options, one is that we can design and install it for you or, two, you can buy the components of the system from our e-store to install yourself at home.


There are many reasons to have this installed in your garage, here are just a few...

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Storage Accessories

The choice is yours.  You can either ask us to design it and install everything for you.  Or you can buy the rails, hooks or other accessories from our online store and install by yourself.

Give us a call to discuss your requirements and we can talk you through the process on 0878029186.

Our DuraTrax Rail System is a great way to add in storage to your garage.  Just install the rail on the wall and then decide which storage accessories you want to add. 

Create a laundry area with hooks and shelves, a bike corner with racks and pegs or even add in a golf rack to create your very own golf centre.

Build it up over time

We can install this for you in your garage but there is also an opportunity to install it yourself.  Or even add accessories to it over time as all items are available to purchase from our online store.

Only covers part of the wall

If you want to paint your walls a particular colour to match other interiors or you only have a small space to work with then Rails are a good option.

They can be cut to fit any space you have easily.  Each accessory hangs easily from the rail and you can move items around as you like.


It is very easy to install and you remove it when you move home.

Optimise space

Adding in rails to areas of your garage allow you to optimise the space and ensure you use every available inch for storage.  Ideal if you have limited storage in the home.

Rail System: List
​Rail System Gallery
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Rail System: Gallery

Want to see other options?

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