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Rail System

Discover the ultimate solution for optimising your garage space with our innovative Rail Storage System.

Effortlessly transform one or more walls into an efficient storage area with our securely mounted Rails that provide seamless attachment of storage accessories.


Customise your garage to perfection by adding hooks, shelving, baskets, and more.

New Rail Brochure

Our new rail storage brochure is now available to download for free.  Click here to get your copy and complete rail storage inspiration!

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Why Choose Us?

Developed by Kenovo DuraTrax in 2010, MyGarage is proud to be the exclusive partner in South Africa.


This user-friendly Rail System is the perfect choice for those seeking an efficient storage solution for their garage which helps to maximise space.  With each rail mounted securely to the wall, it’s easy to clip on accessories and move them around to customise your space.

Storage accessories include Bike Racks, Ball Holders and Kayak Hooks as well as a vast range of Hooks, Shelves and Baskets.  Isn‘t it time to level up your garage game?



Here's why our Rail Storage System is right for your garage:

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Customisable Storage Accessories: With our Rail Storage System, the choice is yours. You can opt for our professional design and installation services, or you can purchase the rails, hooks, and accessories from our online store and install them yourself. Whether you need hooks for hanging tools, shelves for storing supplies, or racks for bikes, we have everything you need to create your ideal garage setup.


Easy Installation with MyGarage: Our DuraTrax Rail System is incredibly easy to install. Simply mount the rail on the wall, and then choose which storage accessories you want to add. Create a laundry area with hooks and shelves, a bike corner with racks and pegs, or even a golf rack for your golfing gear. The possibilities are endless!

Gradual Expansion: Start with our professional installation service, or take on the project yourself. You can also add accessories over time as needed, as all items are available for purchase from our online store. This allows you to customise your garage storage system to fit your changing needs and preferences.


Partial Wall Coverage: Our rails are a great option if you only want to cover part of the wall. They can be easily cut to fit any space, and each accessory hangs effortlessly from the rail, allowing you to move items around as needed.

Flexibility and Portability: Our Rail Storage System is incredibly flexible and easy to install. Plus, if you ever move homes, you can easily remove the system and take it with you to your new garage.


Optimised Space: By adding rails to various areas of your garage, you can optimise the space and ensure that you use every available inch for storage. This is ideal for homes with limited storage options, allowing you to make the most of your garage space.

Ready to get started?

You can either ask us to design your ideal garage space and install everything for you,   or you can buy the rails, hooks or other accessories from our online store and install by yourself.

Give us a call on 087 802 9186 to start the process. Depending on your location, we will either send someone over to see you or provide a remote quote.

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