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Our Floor Tiles are ideal for the garage space, particularly if you want to have a home gym or create parking zones. 

We have two options of tile available and both give you industrial grade finish.  The options are Visible Lock or Hidden Lock but both use an interlocking mechanism to hold them in place.

See below for more information, sizes, colours and textures available.

Adding in a new garage floor is a great way to create your perfect garage, helping to add to fantastic finish.

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The Visible Lock Tiles are our most popular interlocking floor tile.  They give a durable look and feel, while being easy to clean.  They are made from durable PVC and are ideally suited to use in the garage.

These tiles come in a range of colours and have a dimension of 500mm x 500mm x 5mm per tile.

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Our Hidden Lock Tiles are offered in a variety of colours and provide a discreet, non-visible lock which gives your floor a sleek and seamless look.

The interlock is hidden underneath the tile which gives it a beautiful high end finish with only a joining line visible instead of the interlock itself. It is therefore ideal for showrooms and retail areas as well as garages. The dimensions of the tile is 500mm x 500mm x 5mm.

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Tile Sizes

Both options of tile have a dimension of 500mm x 500mm and a depth of 5mm per tile.

Available Colours

Our tiles come in a range of colours including black, light grey, dark grey, white, blue, green, yellow, orange and red.

So you can really create an eye catching floor if you desire!

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Available Colours

How to get the tiles installed in your garage

We offer you the option of including it as part of your garage makeover that our fitters do for you.  Or we can install it as a stand alone service option.

Get in touch to request a quote for installing our floor tilse in your garage.

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