Panel System

The ultimate garage makeover!  Panels installed on all your walls and storage accessories added that can be easily moved around.

Storage options include hooks, bike racks, cabinets shelves and more.

New Panel Brochure
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Create a tidy and organised garage space
How to get it installed in your garage

Whether you want one wall or all walls in your garage fitted out with our panel, we can help.  This system gives you the flexibility to do as little or as much as you want.

We have helped customers turn their garage into a welcoming entrance to the house, a great storage room (and for the car!) or even a home gym.

You can even add in floor tiles to create a streamlined look.

Installing the panel system into your garage is really a job for our professional fitters so get in touch to discuss your particular requirements.


Storage Accessories

There are plenty of storage accessories that can be easily hooked onto the panel and then moved around when you like.

Add in bike racks, hooks, shelves and more to create your own designer garage.

Brighter Space

The white panel helps you bounce light around your garage.  So even if you don't have any windows, the garage will instantly feel brighter.

Covers the entire wall

If your garage walls are not the prettiest then this panel is a great way of covering any imperfections.


Items are easy to move around the garage and put in different areas thanks to the fixings on the back of our storage accessories.  Just click them into the panel.

Plus you can easily take the storage accessories with you if you move home.

Build it up over time

You may opt to have all walls installed at the same time.  Or you might decide to have one wall and add in the other walls later, the choice is up to you.

Optimise space

Using panel on your walls allows you to use every square inch of space for storage which is usually wasted.

You might like to take a look at our blog post on why our Panel Storage System is so great!  Click here to find out more and see some FAQs.

Like to see an example?

Here's a great little case study that we made up of a Panel Storage System installation.  Showing you the before and after photos, you can really get a sense of what a difference having panel installed on your wall can make to your overall space.

Panel System Gallery

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