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Why choose our panel storage system for your garage?

Having helped over 2000 customers right across South Africa to make the most of their garage space, we are the experts in garage design and installation.

Our Panel System gives you the flexibility to do as little or as much as you want. Plus you can add the storage accessories that are right for your lifestyle.

We offer the option to have one wall or all the walls in your garage fitted out with our panel so you can create a space that's right for you.

The benefits of installing our Panel Storage System

  • We can cover up any pipes so the space looks streamlined and organised

  • Our white wall panel covers the entire wall and hides any marks or unsightly areas

  • Flexibility is key and once installed on the wall, all storage accessories are easily moved to a new location

  • Build it up over time: Feel free to install and then buy accessories from our e-store as and when you need them

  • Using panel on your walls allows you to optimise the space and make the most of every square inch of wall space

  • Create a brighter space: white panels help bounce the light around the garage

How to get a quote

Depending on where you live in South Africa, we can either send someone over to visit your garage or we can quote for the design and installation remotely.

Option 1: We come to you One of our team will visit you to take a look at your garage. They will take photos and note dimensions. They will also speak with you about exactly what your needs are so they can go away and prepare drawings and a quote ideal for your bespoke space. We will then email you through the quote.

Option 2: Remote quote If you live a little further away, you can send in photos and dimensions of your garage plus a little information on what you are looking for. We can then prepare the drawings and quote for you remotely and send it to you via email.

What happens during installation?

We will ask you to empty the garage before our arrival and then our installation team will get to work. A standard double garage will take approximately 1-2 days.

The team will attach timber battens to the current wall for support and strength. The panel is then screwed into these to attach it to your wall and finished off with aluminium trim.

Then it's time to enjoy your new fabulous looking garage!

What storage accessories are available?

Part of the process is working out what kind of storage accessories you will need.

We offer a huge variety of options which include shelves, baskets, bike hooks, surf board storage, hook packs, ladder hooks, workbenches, garden storage, kayak storage, golf racks, tip out bins, tool racks and shoe shelves,

Choose these as part of your initial installation or give us a call to purchase after work is completed. You can see the full range of accessories in our Panel Storage Brochure available to download for free here.

If you are ready to make your appointment with one of our Designers, get in touch here and we'll come straight back to you!

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