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Store your garden tools in style

Tools for the garden. They come in all shapes and sizes, big, little, wide, slender, bulky and tiny. Each has it's own use from large brooms used for tidying up to little hand trowels for keeping those weeds at bay.

The trouble is how do you store them all? Well this little (or shall we say big) kit that we've created is a great way to keep the larger items organised.

Plus it comes with the everything you need to easily mount it on your garage wall including one of our medium rails, a cover and fasteners. To find out how to mount the rail on your wall, click here as we have a very handy blog to answer your questions.

Our Garden Storage Kit includes:

The rail dimensions are 1220mm x 18mm x 56mm which gives you enough space to put the hooks on and keep part of your garage looking neat and tidy.

Buy direct from our e-store for DIY installation for just R1,011.00. Click here to find out more

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