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Spring Inspiration!

So Spring has arrived but is your garage ready for the new Season? Whether your garage is neat and tidy or something a little more disorganised, there are always changes you can make to improve the space.

Here are six tips to get your garage sorted!

1. Set aside some time

Whether you want to have a go at spring cleaning all at once or just focus on a small part of it, allocate some time and stick to it.

2. Declutter

It's the buzz word of the moment but having a good declutter is essential so that you know what you have left that needs storing.

3. Clean up

Of course, the best way to really clean the garage up is to take everything out, clean it and then re-organise it. But with the amount of items we store in our garages, this could take some time. If you are looking for a quick fix, try sweeping the floor, removing cobwebs and wiping down furniture to remove dirt. This won't solve the whole problem, but you'll instantly make it look better.

4. Check your garage door

With the doors being the gateway to the garage and also a security risk, it is important to ensure it is all working correctly. Any gaps, squeaks or draughts should be dealt with to keep them working well and keep out unwanted guests.

5. Wash any windows and doors

Do you have windows in your garage? It is amazing how giving them a wash can increase the amount of light coming in. Doing this along with your doors will give you an instant increase in kerb appeal.

6. Organise your items

Now you've cleaned the garage and decluttered, it is time to think about storing your items in the best way. There are plenty of options available to help you do this but we think that storing items neatly on the garage wall can free up your floor space, store items neatly and make it look good. We offer two options to help you do this with either our Panel solution where white wall cladding is added to one or more of your walls and then hooks and shelves are added.

Or you can opt for a Rail System which is simply a length of track from which hooks and racks can hang from.

To find out more, why not look at our Storage Solutions page?

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