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Showcasing the benefits of our Panel Storage System

You may be new to the world of garage storage, or you may have already seen some of the options we offer. But today we wanted to share with you the benefits of our Panel Storage System and why you should consider it for your home.

1. Get a clean white garage wall without the hassle of painting

Because this panel system covers your entire wall you can cover over unsightly cracks, stains or bumps meaning you get a clean wall which looks so much nicer. Particularly useful if you don't have a smooth plastered finish, this system provides you with a luxurious feel and takes away the need for painting.

2. Create a brighter garage environment

Adding our panel to the wall increases the amount of light in your garage as existing light is bounced around the space. Add it to all three walls and the amount of light in your garage will be maximised without having to resort to extra lighting, although this always helps!

3. Gain more storage

As well as brightening the space, our panel is multi-functional as each of the grooves can take one of our storage accessories. Be that several shelves, a bike rack, baskets or hooks, each of our storage accessories clips into the groove without the need for fasteners.

4. Flexibility over where items are stored

You can also move your shelves, racks and hooks around to suit you. If you decide that your bike should actually be over by the door rather than at the back of the garage, no problem, simply unhook it from that wall and move it over. No hassle and completed in a few minutes.

5. Optimise the space in your garage

However big or small your space is, using our panel can help you maximise the amount of storage you have to play with. Being able to fit several shelves, bike racks, cabinets and hooks in a small space is one of the major benefits of this range.

6. Build it up over time

Our team offers a Design and Install service that suits you, so if you decide to do just one wall to get you started that's fine with us. We are pretty sure that once you see the benefit of that storage wall, you'll be in touch to get the others completed too!

7. Buy extra storage accessories as and when you need them

Once your garage installation is completed, chances are that in the future you'll have some other items to store so you can simply get in touch to tell us what you need. We can arrange delivery to your home to fit yourself.

8. We do all the hard work for you

When you get in touch we'll ask some questions about your garage such as what you want to store, any problem areas, the size etc. We will then provide you with a designed space and a quote for undertaking the work. Once agreed, our professional fitting team arrive at your home to commence the work and it's all installed for you. No hassle.

9. Now it's time to simply enjoy

Once we have finished the installation, it's time to put your items back in and organise them all where you like. Then you can get back to other fun stuff knowing that your garage is clean, neat and completely organised!

10. Let our customers tell you how good it is

Once you have our Panel System installed in your garage you will wonder how you ever lived without it. But that's easy for us to say, here's what our customers say...

Let's get started! Contact us at or call us on 087 802 9186.

And now you can even view it on YouTube!

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