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Organised and tranquil garage space

Our team recently added in some storage to this lovely garage to help clear the clutter and create a useful storage space.

With a combination of our Rail Storage System and Home Tracks (the white range) installed on the garage walls, we were able to make this garage into an organised and tranquil space.

Right Wall: One of our Home Tracks was installed high up on the wall and with the aid of some additional wall bands, we were able to add in shelving right the way across the wall. A great option for storing boxes and other large items to keep them off of the floor.

Back Wall: On this larger back wall, we added in both our Home Tracks and one of our black Rail Storage rails with a selection of hooks to hold items such as brooms, hose pipes and mops.

Right Wall: Finally on this right hand wall of the garage we installed another combination of Home Tracks with shelving and our black rails with some of our Horizontal Bike Racks.

The result is a clean garage floor with all items to be organised on the garage wall, a great way to tidy up and keep it clutter-free. The floor is now free to be used for the owner's motorcycle passion!

Did you know that you can buy all of these items from our e-store for a diy home installation project? Or you can speak to Tina in our office to arrange for our professional installation team to install for you. We cover all of South Africa so give us a call and see how we can help you!

📞 087 802 9186

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