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Making moving less stressful - a guest blog post from Oh So Organised

Updated: Jul 3

Having worked with the team at Oh So Organised frequently this year, we wanted to share one of their fantastic posts on what you can do to make moving less stressful. After all it is something we all do at some point and these tips are extremely useful to keep you sane when the time comes.

Moving can be one of the most stressful events in one's life, we're here to make it less stressful and more constructive!

Yes, we definitely recommend hiring a moving company, as much as your friends say that you're welcome to use their bakkies, don't. Hire professionals! We have lots of tips down below on moving, we hope they come in handy!

Movin' on up!

Contact a moving company. Get an idea of what they can assist with and then we can figure out the rest. Most of these big movers offer a packing service which definitely helps. They also wrap all your items for you, just ask them to specify what they will wrap and what will be extra. If you have a body corporate in your street/complex – might be worth asking if they have any restrictions on moving vehicles coming into the property. This always just helps to advise the movers of truck sizes etc and distance to your front door. Movers love to charge you extra for little things like this which can add up. Free standing houses generally don’t have any of these restrictions.

Get on the Market

Finding an agent to put your house on the market asap would be ideal. This way, when they show your house then it still has furniture in it. This just allows the buyer to get an understanding of space and what will fit where. People can’t often imagine their furniture in a space when it's empty. Obviously, if you haven’t sold prior to moving, then this won’t matter, but the sooner it’s on the market the better for you as well

Baby Steps, Easy Does it!

Go through one room at a time. It's much less overwhelming having to deal with one space instead of looking at multiple rooms at a time. Time yourself, set aside 1 hour or 3 to just focus on your main bedroom or your study area and then when that time is up, then rest and tackle what you haven’t done another time. The biggest goal here would be to separate what you want to keep and take with you, vs what you want to donate or throw away. You want to make sure that you get rid of anything you don’t need prior to moving so that essentially you aren’t packing and then unpacking items you know you don’t want. We can definitely assist with this ‘declutter’ process, as an example – assist you with going through all your linen and towels and setting aside what you need vs what you don’t.

Let Everyone Know!

If you have anything like wifi, garden service, a security company or DSTV contracts etc, you may want to let them know (at least) a month in advance that you will be moving. Most of these companies require a months’ notice to terminate a contract so depending on what you have then you need to let these people know. For example, DSTV usually just reconnects you to the new address you will be at but you have to tell them to suspend one and reconnect somewhere else.

Boxes For Each Room

When packing your boxes - As an example, I would label main bedroom box 1, main bedroom box 2 and then have a list that relates to each box number that tells you what’s in it (Box 1 = Clothes, Box 2 = Frames and Ornaments). This list will be for you and we don’t recommend putting these contents on the side of the box purely for safety reasons so that the movers don’t know what’s in each box specifically. Clothes can be packed in suitcases or just put straight into boxes. If it's on a hanger, I try to keep it on a hanger so that it's easier to unpack when you get to your new home. Keep in mind that the last 3 days in your house you are going to feel a bit like you are camping as you have a few clothes out (like a weekend bag worth) and perhaps 2 plates, 2 glasses etc just to get you through. You’ll have one box open in each room for anything not packed which could be wrapped up on the last day before the movers get there.

Pick a Date!

If you move during the week, it's usually cheaper than moving on a Friday/Saturday or public holiday month-end.

Handle with Caution

Ask the movers what they will wrap that’s fragile – for example, wrapping your paintings and tv might be an extra charge but the glass coffee table is included. Most movers use blankets to protect items so it's worth asking if you want something specific to be wrapped. Specify the potplants!

Dismantling Included?

Ask what services are included in the mover's quote – they may offer services like dismantling your trampoline – alternatively you would need to ask if they can do something like this.

Ask for help when you need it!

We are always here to help, we have all the tools to do it for you and we're available to help you in any way you need, so pop us an email!

If you'd like recommendations for charities to donate to, we're happy to help find some in your area with a cause close to your heart!

Julia Anderson


+27 83 454 2990

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