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Simple tricks to help declutter your garage

What do you use your garage for?  Is it the entry way to your home, a dumping ground, your diy haven or a place to store your cars? Whatever it's use, chances are it could do with a declutter to make sure you are utilising the space properly.

Put it this way, if your garage is cluttered how can you expect to find what you need, let alone use it efficiently. We want to help you keep your garage clean, tidy, organised and something you can be proud of.

Why Bother?

Most homes could do with more storage whether in the house or garage.  So if you have extra storage that has been thought through, is efficient and looks nice, chances are this will stand you in good stead if you come to sell too.

So we've put together some thoughts on how you can declutter this very useful space to get the best out of it.

Clear out the junk

To start with, sorting out and getting rid of the junk will allow you to see what you actually store in here.  Get rid of anything broken and ask yourself whether you actually use other items.  If not, then perhaps it is time to let it go.

Decide what to keep

Once all the junk and broken items are gone, you can decide what to keep and see how much you have left to fit back into the garage.  This will help you on the next step which is too plan the space.

Plan out the space

With any other room you would plan it out deciding on the right options and look.  Why should the garage be any different?  Take measurements and try creating a scaled down plan of the garage noting the doors, any obstacles and other items that can't be moved.  Then you can start to plan the space perhaps creating zones for sports equipment, laundry, etc.

If you need a hand with this step then please do let us know as we offer a design and installation element to our service. Make sure you take your walls and ceiling into account as these can be valuable storage areas.

Take the opportunity to paint the walls

Whilst you are sorting the space out, you may decide to paint the walls.  If your space is on the small side, try painting it a lighter colour to brighten up your space.

Buy your storage shelving, hooks etc.

Once you know what you need to store, you can get on to the task of buying the right storage for those items.  For example, several bikes in the garage could do with specific bike storage or lots of garden sprays, tubs and tools could perhaps benefit from a storage cabinet.

DIY Area

If you are a keen diyer then having a workbench and an area where you can store all your bits is a great addition.  Try including see through bins so you can see what is inside or label them.  Peg boards, special tool holders and baskets are also a great fit in this area.

Create Zones

We briefly mention this above but it makes sense to create areas where like minded items can be stored together.  Fishing, kayaks, laundry, clothing, they can all be stored together so you know just where to find them at any given time.

Make it a safe place for the whole family

Of all the rooms in your house, which do you think might be the most dangerous? The kitchen? The bathroom?  Well, the truth is that every room holds many dangers. Your garage is no different.  In fact, because you don't 'live' in your garage it often becomes a dumping ground because it's 'out of sight', there may be dangers lurking in your garage that you're completely unaware of.

See our separate blog on how to make it a safe place.

Other things to remember

- You can use your ceiling for extra storage - hoists, hooks and pulleys can be a good option if you require extra space

- Ensure your garage is light enough that you can see what you are doing!

- Look at installing a floor that you won't trip over or slip on

If you have any questions, comments or just want a chat, get in touch.

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