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Here's why you shouldn't convert your garage...

With more of us than ever wanting extra space, it's tempting to think that turning the dead space of the garage into a playroom or another bedroom is the right solution. But actually it's not always the right choice.

Here's why

A garage actually adds value to your home

Some research shows that a garage can add between 5-10% to your home's value as it is such a desired space. If you also add in useful storage, a nice floor and give it some love then it's likely that this will be a big selling point to any potential buyer.

Cars in a garage are more secure

As well as keeping your cars safe from thieves, parking them in the garage could reduce your insurance premiums, protect them from the weather and keep them in better condition. It can also protect your privacy by not displaying what you own to anyone around.

A garage increases your home's kerb appeal

A buyer will take their first impression from the outside of your property and a garage signifies extra space for storing belongings.

Converting the space reduces storage options

We all need storage and a lot of modern homes are lacking in this department. The garage provides a place to store all the items you would rather not have in the house and with thought and care, you can create a really useful space that provides all the storage you need.

You can make the most of it without 'converting' it

Without the costly renovations, you can still change the space to be more in line with your lifestyle. For example, we have plenty of customers who have kitted their garage out to become a home gym. We believe it's all about storing items properly so you can make the space work for you, whether that's a new games room, cycling storage hub or just a great family storage space.

We hope you found these points useful. Here at MyGarage, we are passionate about helping our customers to make the most of their garage space with useful storage solutions. So give us a call and see how we can create an clean, tidy and organised space for you.

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