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Garage Organising Tips #3: Designing your space

Now this is the fun part! Depending on what you decided in tip #1, now is the time to focus on what storage you might need.

Some ideas for your main use:

🚗 Parking the car as the main focus requires more space so you can get the car in. Try wall and ceiling storage options to clear the mess from the floor.

🚪If it's the entrance to your home, you'll want to be proud of it. So adding in some hanging rails for coats, baskets for shoes and shelves for bags will keep the area clean and clear. 🏋️‍♂️ Space to workout? Again, floor space is key to fit in your gym equipment. Storing items on the walls will be a big winner here with shelves, baskets, hooks and racks so everything is within reach.

⚒ If it's going to be a space for hobbies and DIY having your tools close by is a must. Pegboards, tool holders, cabinets and baskets are good options here.

🧽 Laundry Zone: Hooks and shelves so you can hang up the ironing board, airers, laundry basket and more.

🏠 Of course if it's a multi-purpose space, creating zones using the storage items we've mentioned above could help organise this space so you know where each items will be.

Look out for Tip #4 tomorrow. Remember you can always speak to us if you have any questions on the best storage options for you.

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