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Creating a Home Gym

With many people stuck at home during lockdown, turning the garage into a home gym has been high on the bucket list. Not only does it give you an exercise space to use at home, it takes away the need for costly gym membership and even the journey to get there.

So let’s look at some points to consider…

Inside the space

No-one wants to exercise in a dusty, damp or dark space so have a think about what you want to achieve within your desired budget. Do you need to do any work to the interior to get it ready? We would recommend thinking about the look and feel as well as practical points such as lighting and electrics which we’ll explore in more depth.

Create a floor plan

You might not be ready to buy the equipment just yet, or you may have some already, but the main point here is to consider what you might need for your newly designed space and where it might go.

For example, if you are a keen cyclist you might be considering a turbo trainer or rollers so you can cycle to your hearts content. In this instance which way do you want to face, what might you want to look at and will you need access to any electrical sockets.

You don’t need to be too technical about it but creating a floor plan showing where doors, windows and any obstacles are is worth doing. You can also add in electrical points and where you might consider putting shelving within easy reach. This can usually help you focus on how much you have room for and where you might like to site them.

Electrical Points and Entertainment

Make sure you have enough electrical points located around your garage, particularly if you will need them for any computers or equipment. Some gym users find they are content with using earphones but others may want a TV on the wall or a laptop within easy reach.

Cool Down

During your workout and indeed after, you’ll probably want a breeze of some kind to cool you down. It might be ok to just open the door or a window but it may be you prefer to install fans or a cooling system within the space. If so, think about what you’ll need for this.


Gyms have comfortable flooring that doesn’t jar the body and is supportive. So making sure you have the right flooring down is important. Floor Tiles can be a good option as they are heavy duty and provide good support whether you’re working out on a trainer or standing. Also, having some mats available is good for stretching and can give extra padding if required.


Probably comes under the look and feel of the garage but it is worth a mention that you want to be able to see what you are doing. So thinking about how much light you have and whether more needs to added is a priority.


Let’s face it, some of us like looking at ourselves, others don’t. But whatever your preference having a mirror somewhere can be useful if you want to check your form. So again, this about where you might site it, what size it will be and whether you want to watch yourself whilst you train.

Shelving for weights and other bits

We’ve mentioned being able to have things within reach such as the computer but having a shelf or workstation close by can be very useful to hold fans, remote controls, water bottles etc.

Some options for this can be found here.

Hooks and Baskets

In most garages, having a wall of storage is actually quite useful but especially if you are turning it into a gym. You don’t want mess on the floor to trip over so having some baskets and hooks so you can easily store items and know where they are is very important. Again, some options for including these types of things in your garage could be purchased here.

If you would like to discuss having a home gym installation and how we can help you create this in your home, please give us a call or email us at

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