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Best Seller: The Vertical Bike Rack

Back in stock and flying off of the shelves is this great Vertical Bike Rack. Not only useful to get your bikes off of the floor and onto the wall, it helps to protect it from being knocked over.

How to install in your garage

Option 1: You can choose to have it as a standalone storage option by opting to buy the kit which is available for R255.00. This consists of one single Vertical Bike Rack plus a Large Mounting Block which attaches to your wall.

Dimensions: 133 x 92 x 300mm

Option 2: Or you can decide to buy the Vertical Bike Hook along with a length of our Rail (choose from long, medium or short lengths). The Rail is attached to the wall and the Vertical Bike Hook just clips in. What's more is that you then have space on the rail to add other hooks to increase your storage capacity.

Both options are a great way to tidy up your garage space and keep your bikes safe. If you have any questions then please do ask!

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