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A perfect way to store your ladders on the garage wall!

This set of two ladder hooks allows you to hang a ladder horizontally along your garage wall. Put it up high if you don't use it very often and make use of this space. Or hang it lower if it's an item that you use all of the time.

Store it on your wall with the aid of one of our Rails or with Single Large Mounting Blocks. Note, these are not included in the set but can be purchased separately here.

Benefits of using this set of ladder hooks are:

- Simply snap into place on one our rails or mounting blocks

- Patented locking mechanism allows for quick, easy and secure hook attachment and re-arrangement

- The "soft grip" coating protects from nicks and scratches

- The hooks have a powder-coated finish which resists rusting, chipping and scratching

- Each hook has a weight capacity of 25kg

- Each hook measures 320 x 70 x 200mm

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