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7 Ways to keep your garage safe and secure

With most of us having access from our garages straight into our homes, security of this space is essential. Not only that, we store items of high value such as our cars, bikes and other sports equipment.

With garage doors probably being the number one security problem we have to deal with in our homes, what can we do to increase security?  Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1.  Make sure it is actually closed.  This is a silly mistake but one that could cost you dearly.  A garage door monitor is a simple but effective remedy which has a sensor that you put on the door and a monitor you can put anywhere in the house to keep track.

2. Automatic door closers can provide even more security as it ensures the door is closed whether you are at home or not.  Installation doesn't take long and involves some simple low-voltage wiring to the door mechanism.

3. Prevent door fishing - this is when a wedge and a wire hook are inserted into the top of the door to pull the release mechanism.  You can stop this by installing a small piece of wood onto the door arm so access to the mechanism is restricted.

4. Lock the entry door into your house - if someone gets into your garage, you want to make sure they can't access the house as well.  Add in a dead bolt and treat it like any other exterior door.

5.  If you have windows in the garage, you might want to cover them or put in a window film so you still have light but someone looking in can't see what is stored inside.

6. Brighten the space.  Lighting usually puts a thief off and a motion detector light is an even better deterrant.

7. Consider installing an alarm system if you don't have one already as this can cover the whole house including the garage.

These are just a few ideas to help with your security but we would always recommend just making sure you lock everything up whether you are at home or not.  Don't give thief's any opportunity to break-in.

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