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5 reasons why you should store your bikes on the wall

Fed up with bikes cluttering up the garage, falling over, causing damage and generally just getting in the way...?

What's the solution? Store them on the garage wall of course. And our new blog looks at five reasons you should do it.

1. Keeps your garage floor space clear

The garage floor space can become cluttered but not if you can store bikes on the wall! There is no-end of options to store your bikes on the wall. We favour the Kenovo DuraTrax range that offers three options to keep your space tidy. They are simple to install and loved by lots of our customers including professional organisers and declutterers.

2. Make use of the extra space...

With the extra space you now have, you could create a great indoor training set-up! So not only can you enjoy the great outdoors you can also have an indoor option too.

3. Keeps the bikes safe and out of the way

Each bike is safely stored out of the way. No more worrying about them getting damaged on the floor as you they are all on the wall. Also a great idea if you are short on space or have kids that like to wander around with you.

4. Get to each bike without moving all of the others!

It's easy to get to an individual bike now that they are on the wall. So whether it's for servicing, getting out on the bike or just needing to make a few adjustments, you can easily get to the one you want.

5. Show your bike off as a feature!

Why not show your bike off on the wall - after all, isn't it your pride and joy? We all love to show off our bikes to friends, mounting it on the wall is a great way to do this.

If you would like to know more about our bike storage options, take a look at our e-store for inspiration! Or give us a call on 087 802 9182 to discuss ideas.

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