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5 ideas to help you declutter your home

It's so easy for our homes to become cluttered spaces with kids toys, sports equipment and out of season clothing to name just a few. This is especially true if you don't have enough storage space. But it doesn't have to be this way... we have five simple ideas to help you declutter your home. Fast.

1. Sort out the kids toys

It's amazing how much you'll find that isn't being played with anymore and it can either be sold, given away or stored away until a rainy day.

If you decide to store them then make it easy for yourself by putting them in labelled boxes so you can easily find them at a later date. The lounge, kids rooms and play room will be a much calmer and more relaxed place without piles of un-played with toys lying around.

But where do you store these boxes? Our suggestion would of course be the garage. If you add in some wall shelving then these boxes can easily sit on here until you need them. Neat and tidy.

2. Keep the sports kit in the garage

Sounds simple but rackets, shoes, bats and balls all seem to end up in the house. Not only do they build up clutter in your hall way or bedrooms, they can bring in dirt which just adds to your task list!

Think about creating a dedicated storage area in the garage to hold all of this. Utilise wall hooks, ball holders and racks to store all your sports equipment on. This is particularly useful if you use the garage as the entrance to your home as all items can be stored away without ever needing to come into the house.

Our storage accessories include shoe shelves, ball holders, hooks and racks for bikes, skateboards and tennis rackets to make everything easy.

3. Put away out-of-season clothing

Being able to alternate your wardrobe depending on the season is an easy way to declutter your bedroom. Do you really need those scarves on stand-by in the middle of Summer? Thought not.

Use suit holders, sturdy plastic boxes or even large laundry bags to keep items clean until you need them. And make sure you do this a few times a year. You will be surprised at how much space this creates in your wardrobe!

If you really want to create more space in the kids drawers, it's also good to go through them every now and then as there are likely some things lurking at the bottom that are just too small. Now is the time to sell them, give them away or put them away for the siblings.

4. Create a clean and tidy entrance hall

Everyone has coats, shoes, bags and keys that need to be stored but they can clutter up the entrance hall and make it look disorganised. How about adding in a storage unit where everyone has their own box or peg so items can be easily located. That's a winner when you're late for school.

Of course this does rely on each adult and child to put things in their box! A utility room is ideal here where you can create a hanging area for coats or wet items and put up storage for keys.

5. Make a dedicated laundry space

A great idea for those who want to contain all the items in one place. A utility area or garage is the perfect choice where you can add in shelving, hanging bars, hooks for the ironing board and baskets for the iron, sprays and other accessories.

It will also be easy to keep on top of folding and ironing as it's all in one place. You could even create a hanging rail that goes across the room for drying.

We hope you've liked reading about our simple yet useful storage ideas. Our vast range of storage accessories fit onto our Kenovo DuraTrax Rail Storage System which is added to the wall. Then you add in hooks, racks, shelves and baskets to create your bespoke storage space.

We love helping our customers to organise and store their items so would love to hear from you if you need help with your garage!

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