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10 Tips to Organise your Garage

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

We know how frustrating it can be to open the garage door and think "Now where did I leave my golf clubs" or your bike, your kids scooter or even the tin of paint that you last used two years ago. If this is you, then we have 10 tips to help organise your garage and keep it clean and tidy, but above all useful.

1. Declutter - we've said it before and we'll say it again, decluttering is the first step you have to take. Prioritising what you have and what you need to store is the key to an organised space. We all have items that we don't really use or need anymore and perhaps now is the time to ditch them.

2. Assess - Once you've decluttered, now is the time to assess what you have to store. Do you have multiple bikes, diy items or even a shed load of kids toys? That will help guide you to what kind of storage you need. For example would a wall of hooks help tidy everything up, or could it be you need some shelving and racking in place.

3. Easy Access - Do you need easy access to some items but not others? Consider overhead storage or utilising out of the way areas such as above the garage doors. These are useful spaces to use but not that practical for items that need to be used every day.

4. Adding in Storage. So you've decluttered, looked at what you have to store and now its time to think about what actually you install. You may decide just a few hooks or a shelving unit will do. Or you may think something like the garage shown here to the left is for you. We can help you design a space that's right for you so do get in touch to discuss what you are looking for. We are bound to have a rack or hook for it!

5. DIY? Do you prefer to do it yourself? Then our Rail System is probably a good bet as you can buy it from our online store and install it yourself very easily. The Rails are a length of track which you fasten to your wall and then a variety of hooks and racks can simply be fitted to it and moved around too. We use the Kenovo range which is flexible but of great quality. Take a look at our diy options here.

6. Prefer the Experts to come in and do it for you? We can offer that too. We have a fantastic team based out of Ballitoville in Kwa-Zulu Natal who visit you in your home to design the right storage solution for you and then come in and fit it too. You can opt for our Rail System or even our Panel System which covers the entire wall and is quite good for getting rid of any creepy crawlies by eliminating their hiding places in the wood, brick or plastic.

7. Have a Hobby? Find the right Kit. We have a selection of kits to take the pain away from working out what you need. Our kits all come with a 1220mm length of our Medium Track, fasteners for attaching it to the garage wall and then the appropriate hook. Choose from Fishing, Bikes, Power Tools, Rackets, Gardening and Kayaks.

8. Shelving Units - you can fit so much onto a good shelving unit and there are plenty of options out there to buy. Our options are attached to the garage wall so you can be sure they are not going to fall over when loaded and come in a variety of sizes.

9. Create Zones. To make it even easier to find your items, why not store like with like. Creating zones is a great way to do this and have your diy zone with all your tools next to the workbench. Or perhaps it is storing all the kids bags, scooters, kits etc. then creating an area where the children know all their stuff is stored could save lots of time in the mornings.

10. Flooring can make a real difference. Adding in a good quality floor can not only reduce dust from getting everywhere in the garage, it can help with safety too. Stopping any trips or falls is a necessity for a safe garage and something like tiles simply go over any small imperfections in the current floor. Plus it makes it look nice too.

We hope you've found this interesting and would love to discuss your garage requirements with you. Just give us a call and one of our friendly team will talk you through options and ideas.

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