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Who said our storage was just for the garage?

Yes our name is MyGarage and we absolutely love installing our storage solutions into your garage to keep everything neat, tidy and organised. But what about your home?

The trend for bringing organisation into our lives is getting bigger and bigger thanks to Marie Kondo and other, more local, declutters and home organisers. And so we wanted to introduce our own home storage range.

First up - Closet Kits

The closet is definitely one of those areas that needs decluttering and organising every now and again. And one of our newest offerings includes various sizes of closet shelving and hanging areas. This makes it so easy to see what you have, keep everything together and also organised.

All kits in this range includes the rail system that the shelves and hanging rails need to attach to your wall. Plus you can buy more hanging rails, baskets and shelves if you need them separately. You can even buy the wall rods so you can extend the solution if you need to.

To see more and to buy online for home installation, click here.


How often do you look around your home and wish you had somewhere to hang that teatowel, coat or bag? Our single hooks are an ideal solution for one off storage as they can easily be mounted to your wall using our mounting blocks.

Or, for more storage options, add in one of our mini tracks.

Home Kits

These kits are a really great and useful addition to any utility room or kitchen as they range from our brilliant cleaning station to our wine storage rack.

Unless otherwise stated in the descriptions, most kits come with a rail, all fixings and installation instructions.

Ideal for kitchens, pantrys and sculleries,

Other ideas you can try to compliment this organisation is decanting your dried goods and labelling them. Try Pigeonhole Organisers for some great labelling ideas.

Shelving Kits

And finally, a shelf kit is so handy to store just about anything and is ideal if you like to stock up on items. The image shown below includes one of our shelving kits, plus baskets, wine storage, a cleaning station (used very cleverly for spices) and a mini shelf.

If there are any questions you have about our home storage products, including installation, please get in touch with Tina in our office on 087 8029 186 or emailing

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