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Creating a beautifully bright garage

💡Natural Light

Of course you can add in extra light in the form of spotlights but adding windows makes a big difference to the amount of light that comes flooding in.

♻️ And with all of us now being very mindful of environmental factors and wanting to reduce electrical use, this is a big win using natural daylight to brighten your space.

🔦 In this image the garage benefits from not only the natural light flooding in from outside but has our very useful panel installed on the walls.

🛠️ This panel is something you can put on all your walls and, because it is white, really helps light to bounce around the room illuminating even the darkest corner.

AND it has the facility to let you store items too.

We would love to tell you more about our panel storage system so do download a free brochure, or just give us a call as we would love to chat ☎️

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