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10 Tips for creating a welcoming entry point to your home

If the garage is your entry point to the house then you want the space to be welcoming, tidy, clean and organised.  And that can be hard if you have a lot of items to store.

In this blog, we are giving you some top tips to help you create an entrance to your home that is welcoming and organised.

1. Garage Security

First of all, we should point out that the garage is one of the points in our home where burglars can gain entry.  So making sure your garage doors and windows are secure is a no brainer.  We also recommend keeping any doors between your garage and your house locked too.

2 . Add in a boot rack and bench

If you are planning on leaving shoes in the entrance then adding in a bench to take off said shoes, a boot rack for muddy wellies and some baskets to store other items in is a good idea.  This keeps everything tidy and in the right place so you don't need to hunt for them on your next outing.

3. How about some hooks?

And then of course you could think about your coats, adding in some hooks or a coat rack is ideal in this space.  You could even label the pegs or hooks so everyone has their own space.

4.  Place a mat at the inside entrance

If you aren't planning to keep shoes in the garage the putting down a mat of some sort is a good idea to capture the worst of any mud or grime.  It doesn't have to be a fancy one but can help keep your carpets clean.

5.  Keep similar items together

Think about creating a corner for your sports equipment, a diy area or even your gardening space.  This keeps everything right where you need it next time and has the multi functionality of creating a tidy and organised space.

6.  Make it easy to 'grab and go'

If like us, you're always rushing out of the door then having pegs, hooks or racks where you can easily store your much used items is a good plan.  Make it easy for yourself to grab the items quickly before jumping in the car.

7.  Store items on the wall

To create a harmonised space then storing your items on the wall rather than the floor will certainly help the space look instantly more organised.  There are a range of hooks, racks and shelves available at our online store to get you started.

8.  Dedicated dog area

For those of you with dogs, creating a dedicated space for storing their leads, food, towels and toys can make life much easier.  Everyone in the house knows where to go for the items plus you can add in a bath if you want to get really into the idea!

9.  What about recycling / trash bins?

Make it easy to unload the car of all the trash or items that can be recycled straight away.  Then it doesn't become such a chore.  You can do this by using baskets, specially designed bins or even buckets.  Just make sure you label them so everyone knows what goes in each one.

10. Install an 'out' basket

Close to the door you could think about using an 'out' basket.  This is simply somewhere you can put items that are going out with you that day or the next day so you don't forget them.  You could use it for chargers, books, work bag or even bottle of water.  This can be incredibly easy to install and yet such a useful idea.

We hope you've found all of these tips useful, do let us know if you have any questions or would like to see how we can help with your garage space.

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