Planning & Design

Save Thousands in Cash with These Garage Ideas

Your garage is usually your primary storage space. Without a solid plan in mind on how to organise it, you stand to lose money as the condition of the items stored can deteriorate. This happens due to damage inflicted by damp, pests and contact with other stored items.
But effective storage is not restricted to your garage. Ideas and plans need to be implemented in all areas that you use to keep a collection of items. Often the items stored in these areas are also dangerous, and can include power tools and chemicals. So careful design ideas need to be used to keep these out of the reach of children and pets.
An organised and functional storage system has now become affordable, as you can easily design and install everything yourself with our range of storage products.
Our DuraTrax steel base rail system ensures strength, durability and functionality far beyond other storage solutions. 300kg/meter load capacity is guaranteed when installation instructions are followed.



Garage design and planning is simple with our versatile storage systems and easy to install products. All you need to do is:
1.Establish where you would like to install the rails. Our products aren’t restricted to just the garage. Mount our storage solutions anywhere you need to conveniently stow away items, the pool wall surrounding your pool area, your entrance hallway or annexed outside rooms.
2.Calculate how many meters of rails you will need (width of wall space multiplied by number of levels of rails). With some clever garage design planning you can stagger multiple levels of storage railing that allows you to use all of the wall space available to you.
3.Make a list of shelving, baskets and hooks based on your storage needs. Browse through each of our different storage kits and discover which design best suits your needs.
4.Securely place your order online by signing up or contact us for personal assistance if you have queries about our products and services.